Eternal Purgatory [EP]

by Aeons of Corruption

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released October 5, 2014



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Aeons of Corruption Giessen, Germany

Combining experiences and playstyles of prior bands, members of AoC pursue their vision of bringing heavy music to perfection.
Aeons of Corruption means relentless motivation and unyielding determinedness.
Together as one, this band is on the rise to show the world that nothing is out of reach for those who give every last drip of blood in their veins for something bigger.
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Track Name: Proclaim Extinction
For far too long this putrid race now walked the earth / Contagious waste - you shall tremble with fear / As I arise and devour everything that you love / There is no saviour and no redeemed / I AM THE DEMON THAT KILLED ALL YOUR GODS / Unending purification will be all that is real / And when the chants of extinction resound in your ears / All your pleas will be unheard / This is no call, no demand / This is a promise to break / All of the branches you took / And built your lives on as fakes / I won't forgive any sins / I am perdition within / I have come to cleanse / This earth and all life on it Humanity will witness what I'm able to do / There is no god to safe you / No place where you can escape / THIS IS YOUR PRICE FOR LIFE / THIS IS MY VENGEANCE / The end is near / Prepare to fucking die
Track Name: Engulfed in Fear
THERE IS NO CHANCE TO ESCAPE / From this nightmare / You're lying on the floor and struggling for air / Every bone feels like broken / I will redeem you from your pathetic life / It's not the end - this is just the beginning / Of what you have to go through / The only thing that contents me is your blood on my hands / Can you hear the demons inside me / They're screaming for victims / I will not fight against this posession / Your offering will release the pure evil / My will shall be done / I WILL SHATTER THE BASICS OF EXISTENCE / It's you I delate / When the air in your lungs is replaced by sulfur / Rage shall fill your minds / When the demons amongst you take off their masks / Countless hours of torment /Weaken your mind to the point of perdition / My minions will not halt at any volition / Until the day that you rue all your insolences / You must feel my hate / FUCK / Everything you once adored will now perish from my hands / And with cruel hearts they will rage upon you and your land / Ultimately blood will pour out your bastard veins / YOU WILL BE ALIVE BUT NOT OPERABLE / Suffocating - throat split into half / Trachea squeezed and your head crushed / The endmost thing you will see is your waist ripped to shreds / SLAMMED TO DEATH / This is a decimation / This world turns to a fucking graveyard / Your dead bodys pave the way to my throne / Now lay and rot beneath my feet
Track Name: Irate Creator
They brought this PLAGUE upon themselves / These filthy maggots came and fucking conquered this planet / This invasion is unstoppable / You swept over my land with destruction / Absorbing every life like parasites / RECKLESS - without wasting a thought on what a gave to you / Brazenly - establishing cottages to make their profit out of everything / Sorrow, indigence, beliefs and confide keeps them alive / I can feel the contempt begins growing inside of me / Inexorably it takes over my body / WITH EVERY BREATH I EXHALE HATE / I will eat your rotten corps and munch your flesh between my teeth / VIOLENCE WILL SHAPE YOUR CORPORA TO WASTE FOR GOOD / You will fall as a product of this / Entombed in a pile of corpses / Yet still in all apparentness / You cannot see / All this bottomless hatred derived / From nothing but your self / Your kind has without regard / Polluted all my works / You did not see your actions sent you to the grave / And now you made me your irate creator / In everlasting wrath / YOUR BLOOD SHALL PAINT THIS EARTH - RED / Scars of torment adorn your skin / Your heads will roll just for my pleasure / Death is not the worst that can occur to you now / In fact you will beg me for salvation / But for your IMPUDENCES you'll pay / Another day where you will watch me slay your children and your loved ones / And you will bath in their bowels / I WILL FEED YOU THEIR EYES / And make you drink their mouldered blood
Track Name: Days of Atrocity
YOUR EXISTENCE DISGUSTS ME / I will end this with my own hands / Prepare to meet your creator / I am a product of hate / Resentment, lies, fraud and pain / My flesh is marked / From this hell that you call life / And all mankind is passing by / With their empty eyes / We are condemned to extinction / But I wont surrender / I will fight for my life / This cant be the end / I will fucking tear apart / Everything that comes in my way / All your innocence means nothing to me / In catatonia you'll rest until there's nothing left to save / I am the epitome of evil / I AM THE HELL YOU WILL ROT IN FOREVER / In hate I prevail / Your life will turn to dust / My lungs crave for your soul - in everlasting thirst / And your words are like poison / Though I never heard your voice / In fucking hate I prevail / This is your downfall / Words cannot describe what you did to me / What you're doing right now / All my tolerance has vanished / My anger has become hate / My hate will become your demise / Treachery - will reign upon you for you're just a waste / Calamity – AND YOUR LAST BREATH I WILL TAKE VIOLENTLY / Enemy – I will destroy your heart and rip your guts apart / FOR YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A DISGRACE TO MY LIFE / And I can't stand to see you prey on what I - built up – as if you were its own creator / I will find pleasure in dismembering you completely / You're a fucking infamy / Your inaptitude is the cause of your failures / I condemn you to the highest extent / This urge cannot be repressed / Every cell in my body demands your death / Cavernous thoughts overcome your mind / Who are you to think you won't be confined / To this place I dreamed of so long in my head / Where the rain is your blood and YOUR LIFE MEANS NOTHING / It's still in my head / BUT I WILL MAKE IT REAL / This I promise / It's still in my head / But I'll kill you tomorrow / This I promise / It's still in my head / But I will make it real / This I promise / It's still in my head / But I will slaughter you / THIS I PROMISE
Track Name: Descent (Interlude)
Track Name: Eternal Purgatory
What is this pain / This drill inside of my head / It's getting deeper - I SCREAM / I thought I have reached the end / But it's still too soon / Everyone I loved is buried under the debris that I used to call home / Hot blood is flowing throughout my mouth / I feel like puking my guts out / My limbs - mangled from the hounds of hell / My brain - rumpled from the hands of the devil / A grin is becoming apparent in front of my eyes when my flesh starts to melt down from my bones and dissolves from the inferior beeing I am / Worthless scum - this is the way I'll rot / Bathed in my blood and exposed to the heat of the eternal purgatory / I'M FALLING FASTER / FALLING FASTER INTO SLUMBER / I'LL NEVER WAKE UP AGAIN / THIS WORLD IS DYING / Bereft of our right to exist - nevermore shall we depredate another kingdom / Tremendous horror will sprout from the seeds of our own ruthlessness - and drain the fruits of our civilization / As maggots we lived and as maggots we die now / Eternal ravens, they feed on my skin / But I can't perceive any pain no more / I feel hell demanding my soul / My creator, he calls me back to his realm / I now become one of them / I am fixated / I am a bloody statue / CEASELESS AGONY / We must not lose sight of our failing ever again

All I see is fire.